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Here are the rules for the sports we play at El Segundo Middle School, the syllabus and any assignments. They can all be downloaded and printed.

Mile Run Grading:
8:00 and under A+
8:01-9:15 A
9:16-11:00 B
11:01-13:00 C
13:01-14:00 D
14:01+ F
The course can be walked at a brisk pace in twelve minutes.

Throughout the year, the students are expected to develop the attributes on the IB Learner Profile: Balanced, Thinker, Open-Minded, Knowledgeable, Principled, Inquirer, Risk-Taker, Caring, Communicator, and Reflective. Students will be given a citizenship grade each semester: (S = Satisfactory, N = Needs Improvement and U=Unsatisfactory). . Cheating on the mile run or any assignment will result in a “0” for the assignment, detention, and your citizenship grade will be lowered to a “U. Three of the same violations will result in an “N” and four violations will result in a “U”.
o Incorrect shoes
o Student is tardy to class or plays after the whistle at the end of class
o Using cell phone/Visible phone
o Gum/Food
o No parent note to be out of PE
o Standing when instructed to sit or any disruptive behavior

Work Habits:
The students will be graded on the following scale for work habits 3 - Consistently Performs, 2 - Inconsistently Performs, and 1- Rarely Performs. Three missed miles or assignments will result in a 2 and four missed miles or assignments will result in a 1. Lack of performance in class will result in a lowered work habits grade.

Make Up Assignments from Absences:
When a student is absent, he or she must turn in a make up assignment to earn his/her participation points back. Please see a list of assignments in the syllabus

Homework/Late Assignments:
If a students turns in a late assignment, the assignment grade will drop 10% from the final grade.

Go Bulldogs!
Mr. Walter