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2015 - 2016 school year.
Please go to the class Haiku page.


"Beauty & the Beach" art contest & entry form.

"Beauty & the Beach" art contest & entry form.
Students: Your artwork must be finished & the entry form must be signed by a parent.  Can't wait to see your awesome creations! 
"A" day due: Thursday, April 30. 
"B" day due: Friday, May 1. 

Edu-Tour Trip to San Diego 2015.

To All Visual Art Class Students,  

Exciting news to share:  

It is time for the Edu-Tour trip for Spring 2015!  

The ESMS Art & Band classes have the very special privilege & opportunity to go on a Visual & Performing Arts extravaganza weekend.  All Visual Art students are welcome to participate in this unique opportunity.  The students will have an educationally-rich, out-of-the-classroom experience that cannot be matched.  They will grow & learn in amazing ways - all while having a ton of fun.  I guarantee you this trip is absolutely worth it & will not disappoint.  We have hosted this edu-tour trip numerous times.  Each trip has been amazing, and every year it keeps getting even better than the last.   

This year our out of town destination will be to San Diego.  

Following are a few of the highlights of this all-inclusive trip:  

  • hotel for 2 nights.
  • all meals.
  • all transportation / bus / driver / insurance.
  • all tickets / entries into every venue.  
  • visit to Balboa Park & multiple museums on site.
  • visit to the San Diego Zoo.
  • visit to SeaWorld.
  • visit to one of the local Universities (probably USD).
  • evening performance to a theater show.

The dates of the trip will be Friday - Sunday, April 24 - 26, 2015.  

The estimated cost will be approx. $535.    

The ESMS Band Teacher, Mr. Bancroft, has created a page on his class website with all the info for this trip posted there.  Although it says “Band” - all the info is the same for “Art.”   

Below is a link to that page:

Please join us on this very special & memorable trip!  It will be awesome!  

Please return a commitment form & deposit check for $285.00.

Please return both ASAP by this Friday, February 27th.  

Make all checks payable to: “ESUSD - ESMS Art Trip.”  

Thank you for your support!

Ms. Kaplanis   


HW for ALL students: 
Check your HAIKU Learning page.
There are assignments posted there that need to be accomplished.  
Steps to Haiku:
Go to the ESMS website home page. 
Click on the "Students" tab across the top menu bar. 
Drag down to the 4th option listed under "Students." 
Select "Haiku Learning Log in." 
Students - sign in on the left side under students.  
Select the bottom of the two options. 
Use your ESUSD email address ending in "" 
Parents - sign in on the right side under parents.  
Link to ESMS website:

Lesson Plan for Friday, January 23.

Lesson Plan for Friday, January 23.
Period 5B & 6B only. 
Students:  You have completed at least one animal using the technique: paper quilling.  Think of the one finished & most successful animal that you have created.  You are going to write a short story &/or poem about this animal that will eventually be displayed together with it.  You can choose to create either a story or a poem - but make it quality work & done to best of your abilities.  The topic will be, "A Day in the Life of my Animal at ESMS."  Remember, this will be on display for all to see - so do your best work.  It should be approximately a 1/4 to 1/2 page in length.  Proof read your work before you submit it.
Open this message in Notability. 
Give the note a new title: "A Day in the Life of my Animal at ESMS."
Then answer the following: 
Your name?
Your animal is a....?
Short story or poem?
Begin with the title, "A Day in the Life of my Animal at ESMS."
Create your story/poem here:
When you are finished, then send it to Google Drive.
Then "Share" it with Teacher (use the correct class period gmail address.)
Thank you for working hard & being awesome students!
I can't wait to read what creative stories you have written.

Lesson Plan for Friday, January 23.

Lesson plan for periods 1B, 2B, 3B. 
HAIKU "How To" Directions.

-Go to the ESMS website.
-Go to the menu bar across the top & select "Students" tab.
-Scroll down to "Haiku Learning Log in."
-Look at the LEFT SIDE / the left half of the screen - it has the title at the top in red, "Teachers & Students log in here."
-Select the BOTTOM BUTTON that says, ""
-Then click "sign in."
-Your user name & password are the exact same ones you use for  PowerSchool & your school district email.
-Enter your user name & password.

-Once you are in, you will see your own personal Haiku Learning page.
-Look on the left side under "My classes."
-Select the correct class in which you are enrolled.
-Select "Tools, Tricks, & Techniques. Q2." 
-You will see the assignment, "Forced Perspective - top 3 photos."
-Read the directions for the assignment,
 "Post your top 3 photos using the technique: forced perspective."
-Click on "Add content block."
-Click on "Images."
-Now you will be ready to add your own 3 best photos from the assignment on  "Forced Perspective."
-Please add a short explanation for each photo.

-When you are done, then you will repeat this process for the next assignment.
-Select "Tools, Tricks, & Techniques. Q2."
-You will see the assignment, "Recreate an Iconic Portrait."
-Read the directions for the assignment,
 "Post your two best photos for the assignment: Recreate an Iconic Portrait."
-Click on "Add content block."
-Click on "Images."
-Now you will be ready to add your own two photos from the assignment, -"Recreate an Iconic Portrait."
-Please add a short explanation for each photo.

-When you finish posting your own photos for both assignments,
then please use any extra time to view other students' pages of photos, called, "Wiki Projects."
-Please leave only positive comments on 3 different "wiki projects" pages for your classmates.

Thank you for working hard & being awesome students!  
Have a great day! 

Lesson plan for Monday, January 12, 2015.

MONDAY, January 12, 2015. ("B" day)
Lesson plan for class work.
P1B, P2B, P3B.


Today I am out of the classroom, because I am busy doing what people refer to as "Jury Duty." I received a Jury Summons to potentially serve as a juror on a legal case in the court system. As an adult citizen of the US, this is a required part of my civic duty to serve my country. I am happy to do my part, as it is an honor to serve my country. I am proud to be an American citizen in this great country of ours. I hope that when you reach 18 years old, that you too will find the perspective of respect, honor, & duty, and that you will be willing & happy to serve our country too.

There is a great & famous quote made by John F. Kennedy during his Presidential Inaugural Address speech in January of 1961. He said, "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." Please reflect on the meaning of this quote.


1. Use the link below to go to the site created by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. There is a lesson created for this topic. This lesson has much more to do than you have time for today, but please simply read over it so that you are aware of these ideas & obtain a more complete picture. You are welcome to return to any part of it when you are finished with your class work today. 

2. Your assignment for today is to complete the following:
a) Find a historic & iconic photo of JFK. (cite the source)
b) Think of something that YOU can do for your country. This can be big or small, but has to be reasonable/realistic.
c) Find a photo that demonstrates the idea of what you decided that you can do for your country. (cite the source)
d) Write to answer the following:
-explain what you can do for your country.
-explain what steps will you need to take to make your idea into a reality.
-explain why/how you made this decision.
-explain the photo you chose to exemplify your idea. 

Create the above (step #2abcd) in a new note in Notability.
Give it a title, "Ask not what your country can do for you..."
Send it to Google Drive. (make sure it is a .pdf)
Share it with Teacher via email. (email address based on your class period.)
If you do not finish, then please get it done on your own at home today.
I can't wait to see your ideas!

Friendly Reminders:
You have HW due this week.
1. Due Wednesday 1/14. Recreate an Iconic Portrait. See handout/outline.
2. Due Friday 1/16. Bring in 2 photos of yourself - for the "Hello/Goodbye" assignment.
Have a great day in our great country! 
Ms. Kaplanis