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Math HW now available on Haiku Learning

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I am looking forward to helping you learn mathematics this year. We are going to have a rewarding time learning together. I will provide as many interesting ways as possible to maximize our classroom time and to allow you to work with the curriculum.

The real work will be yours as you focus in class, ask intelligent questions, and practice in and out of the classroom until you have a deep understanding of the curriculum. Keep practicing and continually seeking improvement and growth.

This year I will seek to instill a growth mindset that will assist you in the educational and social transition from E.S.M.S. to E.S.H.S. to University and beyond. Do not let temporary setbacks stop you from working to excel and succeed. Just learn from your mistakes and grow from your life experiences. Always keep seeking improvement! Improvement is the measure of success!


Mr. Garinger

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