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Here are the rules for the sports we play at El Segundo Middle School, the syllabus and any assignments. They can all be downloaded and printed.

Under 8:00 A+
8:01-9:15 A
9:16-11:00 B
11:01-13:00 C
13:01-14:00 D
14:01+ F
The course can be walked at a brisk pace in twelve minutes.

The citizenship will be lowered for breaking any of the following rules three times:
Tardies, Incorrect shoes, Gum, No Parent Note to be Out of PE, Cell Phone Visible (Must remain in their backpacks at all times), and or Disrespectful/Disruptive Behavior.

Make Up Assignments from Absences:
When a student is absent, he or she must turn in a make up assignment to earn his/her participation points back. Please see a list of assignments in the syllabus

Homework/Late Assignments:
If a students turns in a late assignment, the assignment grade will drop 10% from the final grade.

Go Bulldogs!
Mr. Callanan